[ic] Could not lock file: Bad file number

Peter peter at pajamian.dhs.org
Thu Feb 2 06:38:40 EST 2006

On 02/02/2006 01:48 AM, e-transactionnel wrote:
> I have problems installing IC on Solaris since the Interchange 5.2 version.
> Others had the same problems and I'm not sure someone has solved them.
> My solution is to replace after each new install the :
> VENDROOT/lib/Vend/Server.pm file,
> with the same file of the my 4.8.3 version that has no problem on Solaris,
> and it works nice so far.
> Of course, it would by far be better to find what changed in this file that
> made this problem appear...

Wel, you've already doen most of the work since you know which file it 
is and that it "breaks" on Solaris somewhere between 4.8.3 and 5.2.0. 
You can use CVS Web along with a divide and conquor approach to find the 
exact CVS commit that caused the problem.  To start off with pull this 
page up in your web browser: 

Next do a find in the page (Ctrl-F if you're using a Mozilla based 
browser such as Firefox or Netscape) and search for the text 
"REL_5_2_0".  You'll see that that's Revision 2.50 of the file and you 
can click on the Download link to download that exact revision of the file.

Since you already know that version of the file has the problem you will 
probably want to look further down.  You can search for the text 
"REL_4_8_3" to get the version of the file as it was in IC 4.8.3 (this 
turns out to be Revision 2.0).  If you download this file it will work 
because this is the copy of the file from the version that you know works.

I recommend starting somewhere in the middle, say 5.0.0 (search for 
REL_5_0_0)  or you can go by revision numbers and search for " Revision 
2.25" instead.  If that version of the file works, then try another 
revision that is newer, if it doesn't then try a revision that is older.

Continue this sort of divide and conquor approach until you've found two 
adjecent revisions, one that works and one that does not work.  Then you 
can post back with the revision numbers that you found and we can see 
exactly what change(s) were made between those two revisions.

Good luck and let us know what you find.


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