[ic] Where does mv_transaction_id get set?

Paul Jordan paul at gishnetwork.com
Fri Feb 3 10:25:29 EST 2006

Hello List

I tried undoing many armature programming errors I made very early on in IC
yesterday, and now my catalog will not take orders. It was built in 4.8, and
now is in 5.4. My attempts that caused the issue were to integrate the new
profiles.order and log_transaction files. I think the issue revolves around
mv_transaction_id. I don't believe this is getting set, and subsequently, an
order times out and gets hammered.

My other built-from-5.4 catalogs write a order file to
tmp/session/*mv_transaction_id*/*session*.dump. My problem catalog only
shows tmp/session/*session*.dump, so that is why I think it is
mv_transaction_id, or at least a good place to start with.

I grepped a catalog tree for mv_transaction_id and only found the
log_transaction file and order session dumps. Where does this (value) get
set. Any help?

BTW, I am using LWP with AuthorizeNet and it has been working fine. If I
understand correctly I should only switch to wget if LWP is having
difficulty correct? I am under the impression that LWP is more secure.


 Paul Jordan

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