[ic] Newbie help - Filters - Update to 5.4 - Sign emails

Mark Halliday bmhtdev at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Feb 5 08:09:58 EST 2006

Hello list,


Fedora Core 4
perl 5.8.7 unthreaded /usr/local/
Interchange 5.2 rpm
UK based 

Problems I am having difficulty with:

1. Filters

I have set the Locale to en_GB using the guide on the
net. I have set the currency symbol to £ which
works in the HTML pages, but I cannot get the filter
below to work in the text email produced by

>> For UK websites, I tend to set the currency_symbol
to £ and
>> then use a simple filter in the emails to convert
£ to GBP: 
>>    [item-filter
>> The filter looks like this: 
>>    CodeDef price2gbp Filter
>>    CodeDef price2gbp Routine <<EOR
>>    sub {
>>        my $val = shift; 
>>        $val =~ s/&price;\s*/GBP /g;
>>        return $val;
>>    }
>>    EOR 

I am not clear how to save the above code, I have
followed other filters and put it in the file:


However it does not appear to work.  I have tried
putting the code in interchange.cfg - but this
prevents the index page from loading after restarting

2. Updating to 5.4

I would like to update to 5.4 and would prefer to use
the rpm.  Howver if it is going to be some time before
that is available then I will try using the tar file.
Having read the readmes in the tar file it is not
clear how to deal with the fedora peculiarities ie
perl in /usr/local?

Are there any other thing to trip up the unwary?

3. Digitally signed email

If you wanted to send digitally signed receipts what
would you need to change in interchange?

I have a few other questions - but sorting these out
is probably enough to deal with now.

Thanks in advance for your help


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