[ic] Newbie help - Filters - Update to 5.4 - Sign emails

Mark Halliday bmhtdev at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Feb 5 12:26:13 EST 2006

Thanks for the quick responses, but:

> Mark should change "£" to "£" in the Locale, and then
> "&price;" to "£" in the Filter.  Renaming the filter to
> would be good too.
Results in the following output in emails:

[item-filter pound2gbp]£24.99[/filter]

I have tried the following substitution criteria as well:

$val =~ s/£\s*/GBP /g;
$val =~ s/\&\#163\;\s*/GBP /g;
$val =~ s/`£`\s*/GBP /g;

I have also tried [filter pound2gbp][item-price][/filter].

None of the above seem to work.  It is as if the filter is not being
called at all.


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