[ic] strange image problem in category_vert_toggle

Toni Mueller support-ic at oeko.net
Tue Feb 7 10:07:29 EST 2006


I'd like to have images in category_vert_toggle. The code reads like

----------------------------------------  cut
[set toggleswitchon]upfeil.gif[/set]
[set imagedirurl][/set]
[set imagedirpath]__DOCROOT__/__IMAGE_DIR__[/set]

Testlabel: <img src="[control toggleswitchon]" alt="test" />

[seti showtoggleon][if type=file term="[control imagedirpath]/[control toggleswitchon]"]
                <img src="[control imagedirurl][control toggleswitchon]"
                     alt="hide menu" />
                <font class="categorybar"><font size="+1">+</font></font>
----------------------------------------  cut

This code is culled from the foundation shop.

The problem is this: I have several sets of arrows which I want to use
there, but only one arrow works. All arrows get displayed nicely right
of "Testlabel:", indicating that the image file exists, but only one of
the files makes it into the menues, the one shown, but all other files
result in the following [seti] expression evaluating to a plus sign,
not even rendering an <img> tag. All image files also have the exact
same permissions (0644) and reside in the same directory.

Any ideas, please?


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