[ic] strange image problem in category_vert_toggle (corrected)

Toni Mueller support-ic at oeko.net
Tue Feb 7 10:30:17 EST 2006


[ resend because important information was missing in
  my first post :-( ]

I'd like to have images in category_vert_toggle. The code reads like

----------------------------------------  cut
[set toggleswitchon]upfeil.gif[/set]
[set imagedirurl][/set]
[set imagedirpath]__DOCROOT__/__IMAGE_DIR__[/set]

Testlabel: <img src="[control toggleswitchon]" alt="test" />

[seti showtoggleon][if type=file term="[control imagedirpath]/[control toggleswitchon]"]
                <img src="[control imagedirurl][control toggleswitchon]"
                     alt="hide menu" />
                <font class="categorybar"><font size="+1">+</font></font>
----------------------------------------  cut

This code is culled from the foundation shop.

The problem is this: I have several sets of arrows which I want to use
there, but only one arrow works. All arrows get displayed nicely right
of "Testlabel:", indicating that the image file exists, but only one of
the files makes it into the menues, the one shown, but all other files
result in the following [seti] expression evaluating to a plus sign,
not even rendering an <img> tag. All image files also have the exact
same permissions (0644) and reside in the same directory.

This problem is experienced on Debian unstable i386 with system Perl,
but Interchange from sources, not the packages, and with the versions
5.3.2 and 5.4.0 at least. Restarting the Interchange server and the
webbrowser after such changes (flushing caches as we go) didn't help a
bit, and there's also no caching mechanism in Interchange employed.
TRAFFIC is set to "low", as is usually required when developing, and no
error messages occur in the debug log despite DEBUG being set to 1.

Any ideas, please?


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