[ic] IC 5.4 UPS, Fedex & Priority Mail Tracking

Steve Graham icdev at mrlock.com
Wed Feb 8 15:17:56 EST 2006

Here is some suggested code - hope it is beneficial to someone.

I made the following changes in IC 5.4 to allow tracking information 
to be viewed by customers from check_orders.html

This will allow tracking on the main order only, not individual line items.

First I added a field called carrier to the transaction database
and it will hold one of the following values:

I also modifed the orders/process section of the backend to allow 
setting of the carrier field

I did a search for tracking_number and found a Perl string in the 
above file, which allows modification of the fields displayed in 
order_status.html - added my new field right after tracking_number
and then it appeared in the UI

Snipit of  modified code from check_orders.html

         <td align=right>
                 [currency][sql-param total_cost][/currency]
   [tmp tt_status][sql-param status][/tmp]
   [tmp tt_tst]shipped[/tmp]
[if type=explicit
     compare= "[calc]$Scratch->{tt_status} eq $Scratch->{tt_tst}[/calc]"]

    [tmp tt_carrier][sql-param carrier][/tmp]
    [tmp tt_tmp]UPS[/tmp]
    [if type=explicit
     compare= "[calc]$Scratch->{tt_carrier} eq $Scratch->{tt_tmp}[/calc]"]
<b>Click to Track:</b><br>
tracking_number]&TypeOfInquiryNumber=T" tar$
Shipped UPS

  [tmp tt_tmp]USPS PRIORITY[/tmp]
    [if type=explicit
     compare= "[calc]$Scratch->{tt_carrier} eq $Scratch->{tt_tmp}[/calc]"]
<form name=track 
                 <b>Click to Track:</b><br>
                 <input tabindex=5 type=hidden value=OK name=CAMEFROM>
                 <input type=hidden name="strOrigTrackNum" 
value="[sql-param tracking_number]">
                 <input class=Submit type=submit value="USPS 
Priority" name=push>

  [tmp tt_tmp]FEDEX[/tmp]
    [if type=explicit
     compare= "[calc]$Scratch->{tt_carrier} eq $Scratch->{tt_tmp}[/calc]"]
<b>Click to Track:</b><br>
<a href= 
Shipped Fedex</a>

             [display table=transactions type=display col=status 

<!-- END CONTENT -->


I'll be posting the change in /etc/ship_notice  to email the tracking 
information, soon as it gets tested.

Hope this helps someone, and if anyone has any suggestions - please 
advise - My ITL is probably not the most efficient.

Steve Graham

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