[ic] Relational options question

Sandy Thomson sandy at scotwebshops.com
Thu Feb 16 06:48:00 EST 2006

Daniel Davenport wrote:
> Have you looked at matrix options?  Their main purpose in life is to
> allow for the creation of "variants", or sub-products, whose data can be
> set independently of the main sku.  Each combo of options would have its
> own variant, and you could set its price to whatever you like.  The
> biggest drawback is that if you still have an option that always
> increments the price by $5 or something, it's no longer as simple to
> change that $5 to something else -- every variant that has that option
> selected would need to be repriced.
> If you want to play with matrix options, go to the Items tab.  If you
> don't see an Option column on the select page, edit the page's meta
> stuff til you do.  :)  Then click the link in that column for the
> product, and it'll ask you about an option type.  Pick "Matrix Options".
> Then experiment with making options and clicking the "create all
> possible combinations" button.  
> BTW, you don't have to mangle the core to add a new option type.  Just
> create a new module in $IC_DIR/lib/Vend/Options, and refer to it in the
> IC config/meta info.  Your module will need three subs--with specific
> names--that price, display, and show an edit page for the options.  See
> $IC_DIR/lib/Vend/Options/Simple.pm for an example.  Better yet, copy it,
> comment out all the code in the subs, and refer back to it when you need
> to know where to grab info from.  :)  But it sounds like matrix options
> will do what you need done, and you won't have to muck around with perl
> code.

Thanks for the insight and the lengthy replies guys, I couldn't find 
much information about options in the documentation. We have a hacked 
Simple.pm at the moment, just assumed I would have to change other parts 
of the core to make this work.

I had a look at the code and can see the options for the 'variant' 
table. If I can't get Matrix.pm to work for this use, at least it is 
something close to start from.

Thanks again.


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