[ic] Newbie help - Update to 5.4

Mark Halliday bmhtdev at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Feb 17 10:45:30 EST 2006

Mark Halliday wrote:

>2. Updating to 5.4
>I would like to update to 5.4 and would prefer to use the rpm. 
>However if it is going to be some time before that is available then I
>will try using the tar file.
>Having read the readmes in the tar file it is not clear how to deal
>with the fedora peculiarities ie perl in /usr/local?
>Are there any other things to trip up the unwary?

Anyone have any thoughts on this.  It would be helpful to have even a
rough indication of when the rpm will appear so that the appropriate
implementation decisions can be taken.



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