[ic] IC 5.4 Multi-page checkout

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Fri Feb 17 10:59:32 EST 2006

Quoting Steve Graham (icdev at mrlock.com):
> Hello,
> I'm reviewing the multi-page checkout in IC 5.4, and for some reason 
> the shipmode.html page is being skipped.
> This only happens on a new session.
> It doesn't matter if billing is the same as shipping.
> The first time it skips to the finalize page, then if you click the 
> lower back form submit to go back to the shipping page, then click 
> the next page (in shipping.html) you will then get the shipmode.html page.

It skips it when it only finds one valid ship mode. That shouldn't
happen unless you are doing something on the finalize page which
changes shippability.

> I'm trying to debug this, but not sure where to look.

Look in the special case code in shipmode.html.

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