[ic] Re: TAG understanding problem

Georg Brugger georg.brugger at edienste.de
Wed Feb 22 04:03:35 EST 2006

Dear all,

currently I am trying to get familiar with interchange by playing around
with a copy of the foundation shop. The example (testshop) works pretty

One problem I have: I want to click on a small picture in the selected
product list  in order to get a big one in a new window. I did:

1) Inserted a statement in the results-buylist to show the small picture
(smallpic). In case you click the small picture the big one (bigpic) should
show up in an extra window:

<a href=javascript:void()> <img src="items/[item-field smallpic]" border=0
onClick="window.open('[area BgrossJS [item-code]]'
,'Artikelbilder','scrollbars=auto, resizable=yes, scrollbars=yes
status=no,width=400,height=500'); return false;" > </a>

2) Calling with the browser I can see the following code:

<a href=javascript:void()> <img
src="/testshop/images/items/a_009auferstehung_kl.jpg" border=0
rg=A%2d009' ,'Artikelbilder','scrollbars=auto, resizable=yes, scrollbars=yes
status=no,width=400,height=500'); return false;" > </a>

3) This is the content of the BgrossJS.html file

<head><title> </title>

 <IMG SRC="items/[item-field bigpic]" BORDER=0>


Result:  The result of the click is always an empty new window. I expected
the Bigpic in the new window.

Question: Can someone tell me what is wrong. I assume I have some wrong
understanding with the [item-field ....] ??

Thank you in advance for your help


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