[ic] Locale problem

Alessandro Poletto pollok at gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 05:40:49 EST 2006

I've noticed this strange problem with locale:

I have this in the locale table:

code= "Login_txt1"
fr_FR= "test fr __COMPANY__"
it_IT= "test it __COMPANY__"

In variable I have:
COMPANY = "Acme corp"

I' tried this in test.html:
[tmp variabile]Login_txt1[/tmp]
[L]Login_txt1[/L] <br>
[LOC]Login_txt1[/LOC] <br>
[LC]Login_txt1[/LC] <br>
[L][scratch variabile][/L] <br>
[LOC][scratch variabile][/LOC] <br>
[LC][scratch variabile][/LC] <br>

the result was (it_IT is the default locale):

test it Acme corp
test it __COMPANY__
test it __COMPANY__

so my conclusion is that:
the [L] tag reparse the code changing __COMPANY__ in Acme Corp
the [LOC] tag interpolate the code changing the [scratch variabile] in

At least the question is:
"there is a way to make interpolate + reparsing?"

(i'm been using ic 5.0.0 and 5.2.0)

Many thanks in advace to all!!

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