[ic] Embedded PHP pages

Elver Loho elver.loho at gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 07:37:09 EST 2006


I'd like to embed an existing PHP-based forum into an Interchange page.

I can include a PHP page's output using:

[get-url url="http://ourserver.tld/something.php" strip="1"]

Now I also want to pass all the GET and POST variables to it.

[get-url url="http://ourserver.tld/something.php" content="foo=[cgi
foo]&bar=[cgi bar]" method="POST" strip="1"]

...works as well.

The problem is that I'm still passing stuff to the script when it
doesn't expect it. That is, if 'foo' is unset, it still ends up
sending foo=''

So I can't just list every possible variable passed to me by the user.

What I'd like it to do is just pass all the GET and POST variables
that are set to the get-url bit. How do I do that?

Or perhaps there is some way of embedding PHP inside Embperl-parsed
.html files? Or perhaps there's a way to run a php file from outside
the webroot?


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