[ic] Order Numbers and NFS

Sandy Thomson sandy at scotwebshops.com
Fri Feb 24 07:15:35 EST 2006

Hi there,
I have been having issues with clustering interchange and using the 
default order counters.

Now it all works pretty well with file based sessions at the moment - 
until the early morning cron job that expires old sessions kicks in on 
the NFS master (and the NFS slave has to 'catch up'). Any changes to the 
order counter file get queued up with all the other writes, and there is 
the problem of the order counter getting out of sync. It has happened 
before, we have had a few duplicate orders but there was no way to pin 
down the exact cause of the problem (I always suspected this though). 
Anyway last night over the space of 2 hours we had 6 orders assigned to 
3 order numbers.

The solution I would like to use is database sequences. I have been 
trawling through the documentation/mailing lists for a few hours, have 
tried making my own UserTags and referencing them in the CounterFile 
directive, have also tried setting $Value->{mv_order_number} in 
etc/log_transation to no avail.

I also noticed the [counter] tag has sql options for sequences, so im 
guessing the work for this must already be done?
Any hints?

Using IC5.4, NFS 3, Postgres 8.1.


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