[ic] UseModifier mv_price and OnFly

JT Justman jt-lists at sirius.airdelights.com
Fri Feb 24 15:04:52 EST 2006

Hi, everyone!

I had set up 'UseModifier mv_price' along with 'CommonAdjust ;$, :price'
in my catalog to enable price modifications in my admin UI. Then when I
tried to use 'OnFly onfly', prices specified in the mv_order_fly values
weren't applied as the mv_price for the cart item; they just seemed to
disappear, and needed to be re-set.

I found that if I turned off UseModifier, onfly worked as expected. I
also found that if instead I specified the price as 'mv_order_mv_price',
the price would be set the first time through.

I'm hoping that someone will find this helpful. Or warn me if I'm doing
this in an over-complicated way...


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