[ic] two price field for a product in products table

N.E.S.T. Solutions nest_consulting at yahoo.ca
Tue Feb 28 10:31:23 EST 2006

>  Hi All,
>  In my products table, Administrater can enter two prices for 
> a product one is  product price the other is sampleprice. 
> User can either buy a product or a sample of it for trial.
>  But when the user click on a sample product then i want to 
> display sample  price in cart instead of original product 
> price is added in cart.
> Kindly help me in this regard.
>  Thanks & Regards,
>  Shuchi

Just as a suggestion, I have never done that, but why not use 
options for this?

Maybe someone can help by confirming this: Can we set an option 
price to a negative price (-20.00)? 

Then you could make lets say a product SKU SOFTWARE-001 for $50.00 
with sample/Demo option with price difference of -20.00, so 
it should show as $30.00 in your cart.

Martin H.
N.E.S.T. Solutions

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