[ic] IC 4.8 -> 5.4 Options Upgrade

Mr. Lock - Sales sales at mrlock.com
Fri Jan 6 09:08:44 EST 2006


I have created a new 5.4 standard catalog, loaded all my previous data into
the new data tables etc.
Currently using MySql.

Couple of questions:
We used simple option on 4.8.6 catalog.
I have executed the following SQL statement to enable these simple options
in 5.4

UPDATE products JOIN options ON products.sku= options.sku
SET products.option_type = 'Simple'  where products.sku=options.sku

The options now appear on the database items, that had options before - all
seems like it is working correctly.
Just curios if I have overlooked anything on the new options?


Second Question:

After populating the new 5.4 tables with my 4.8 data - the search does not
appear to work correctly from the standard demo.

If I go into the admin UI (all items appear in the new database), and select
a specific item and click ok in the UI this item will now appear in the
catalog (searchable).

What do I need to do to sync all IC tables?
It seems like the standard catalog is still using the text files, even
though these
values in variable.txt:
 MYSQL 1 Database

I have restarted interchange. Any other suggestions?


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