[ic] PGP_KEY - what goes in here?

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> > I'd thought from the various PGP how to's in the archives PGP_KEY was
> > supposed to contain the specific key identifier within pubring.gpg to be
> > used, ID'd by the mailing address.
> > OK.
> afaik the ID is the key ID. When you do gpg --list-keys you get something
> like:
> uid                  Name <email>
> The 'YYYYYYYY' in my case is the key.
> Also setting the environment variable GNUPGHOME  (thanks Stefan :)) might
> help you find the right .gnupg directory.
> CU,
> Gert

OK, thanks, tried that and get
gpg: can't open 96047272: No such file or directory

It's looking for a file, not a record in a file.  ...and it works OK from
the command line which makes me think it's an IC thing somewhere.

ENV var GNUPGHOME is set to /home/interch/.gnupg  --  I had seen posts about
that but thats a point.  I can't find anywhere in the admin interface to get
it to dump what it thinks the env vars are.  Still looking.

Anything else anyone can come up with would be great.  Thanks!

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