[ic] PGP_KEY - what goes in here?

Gert van der Spoel ic at 3edge.com
Wed Jan 11 17:54:31 EST 2006

Glenn McCalley writes: 

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>> > I'd thought from the various PGP how to's in the archives PGP_KEY was
>> > supposed to contain the specific key identifier within pubring.gpg to be
>> > used, ID'd by the mailing address.
>> > OK. 
>> afaik the ID is the key ID. When you do gpg --list-keys you get something
>> like:
>> uid                  Name <email>
>> The 'YYYYYYYY' in my case is the key. 
>> Also setting the environment variable GNUPGHOME  (thanks Stefan :)) might
>> help you find the right .gnupg directory. 
>> CU, 
>> Gert 
> OK, thanks, tried that and get
> gpg: can't open 96047272: No such file or directory 
> It's looking for a file, not a record in a file.  ...and it works OK from
> the command line which makes me think it's an IC thing somewhere. 
> ENV var GNUPGHOME is set to /home/interch/.gnupg  --  I had seen posts about
> that but thats a point.  I can't find anywhere in the admin interface to get
> it to dump what it thinks the env vars are.  Still looking. 
> Anything else anyone can come up with would be great.  Thanks!
> Glenn.

Not sure if it is of any help. My main route is having:
       credit_card       1
       email             '__ORDERS_TO__'
       encrypt           0                    (only encrypts CC info)
       pgp_cc_key        "__PGP_KEY__"
       pgp_key           "__PGP_KEY__" 

Without the encrypt_program. It will most likely find gpg by itself.
Another thing you could try is to define PGP as just /usr/local/bin/gpg,
without all the other options behind it and see if it does anything 

Perhaps the tags [dump]  and  [env]  give you additional information. 
Although they don't show the 'user' environment that runs IC (I think). 



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