[ic] IC 4.8 -> 5.4 Options Upgrade

Steve icdev at mrlock.com
Thu Jan 12 09:10:36 EST 2006

> ==
> Second Question:
> After populating the new 5.4 tables with my 4.8 data - the search does not
> appear to work correctly from the standard demo.
> If I go into the admin UI (all items appear in the new database),
> and select
> a specific item and click ok in the UI this item will now appear in the
> catalog (searchable).

After further study, I noticed that the items listed under the merchandising
tab were the only items that showing in the store front. These few items had
a blank entry in the inactive field.
So I set all items with NULL or blank in the inactive field to have a 0 in
the inactive field.
 - everything is now showing on the storefront!
I also set the default value for this field to be 0 (in MySql). Maybe this
field type needs to be changed??

There is one exception to this - all items flagged with a 1 to be inactive
do not show up in the admin area, or the storefront.

I would like these to at least display so they may be edited on the back
end, and also let the customer know the item is either no longer stocked, or
has been discontinued.

I noticed this was discussed in Apr 2004, but I couldn't find if it was

Any Ideas?

Steve Graham

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