[ic] Assistance Request

Stefan Hornburg racke at linuxia.de
Fri Jan 13 05:33:33 EST 2006

Simon Swegles wrote:
> I enabled logging for mysqld.
> Then I wiped out my previous installation of interchange and started 
> fresh with a new install and catalog.
> It exhibited the same behavior previously described. Then I went into 
> mysqld.log to see what was happening. It shows all the successful 
> connections and table creation from the install and the subsequent 
> successful query of the database when I accessed the catalog while still 
> logged into SSH. However, the error state that came up after I logged 
> out of SSH and tried again to access the catalog was not recorded in 
> mysqld.log.
> This precedes the successful query:
> 060112 16:08:30         97 Connect     db_user at localhost on my_db
>             97 Query       SET AUTOCOMMIT=1
> The logfile ends with the following (immediately after the successful 
> query):
> 060112 16:08:51         98 Connect     root at localhost on
>             98 Quit      060112 16:08:52         99 Connect     
> root at localhost on mysql
>             99 Query       SET AUTOCOMMIT=1
>             99 Quit     
> Any attempt to access the catalog after logging the db_user out of SSH 
> is not recorded in mysqld.log.

That is odd. You did set the correct SQL user in the catalog configuration ?

BTW: And yes, top posting is annoying.


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