[ic] Assistance Request

Marty Tennison marty at sediva.com
Mon Jan 16 10:55:51 EST 2006

Simon Swegles wrote:
> Thanks for the suggestions. The results:
> Starting IC while logged into root with the following commandline 
> resulted in the same error state:
> su -c "/home/*****/interchange/bin/interchange -r" icuser
> Starting IC logged locally into the server returns the same error 
> state behavior whether running from the IC user 
> (/home/*****/interchange/bin/interchange) or as root (su -c 
> "/home/*****/interchange/bin/interchange -r" icuser).
> I killed all extra processes. Same error state after restarting the 
> server.
> Unfortunately, the strace output is a bit beyond my understanding 
> right now. It is 503 lines of code, none of which stands out as being 
> an error or particularly out of place to me. If there are likey to be 
> any smoking guns, I would appreciate you sharing with me. If you are 
> interested in the strace output I have placed it here:
> http://swegles.com/ic.strace.log

Hi Simon,

I did not see anything in the strace output either.  I'm not an strace 
expert either, I think Racke is the strace guru in the group.

At this point my last best guess would be that there is a problem with 
either the perl installation or the Interchange installation.  I'm not 
aware of any test suites to test the perl signal functionality of a perl 
install, but my last guess would be that somehow, perl signals are not 
working correctly.  So you might try to install a new perl in a separate 
location and then install a fresh copy of Interchange which uses the new 

To install a new perl in /usr/local

/tar xzf stable.tar.gz
//cd perl*
//./configure -des
//make test
//make install/

Then, when you install IC, just make sure you use the new perl binary to 
install and run the IC instance.  (remember to install with threads 

If that does not work, then I am stumped.

Hope that helps.

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Marty Tennison
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