[ic] User already exits?!

Mathew Jones mat at thinkopensource.com
Thu Jan 19 22:20:53 EST 2006

steve wrote:
> Hello, I'm not sure if your the person I need to ask
> and if not, I'm hosting a site and I was going to use
> your webcart to sell some Merch. stuff for a band -
> but everytime I try to install the interchange cart it
> says that it I already have a user name and password
> yet when I click to go into the admin page it says the
> webpage does not exist. I have never installed an
> interchange cart or even set up my user name and
> password for this site.... So i was wondering what I
> should do - because I'd really like to use
> interchange.       Thanks

I smell a hint of cPanel here. Are you using cPanel to manage your hosting account?
If so, read the following from the mail list archives:


There used to be an article on the old icdevgroup site explaining further, but seems to be missing
from the new website. Using a cPanel installation of Interchange is highly discouraged.


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