[ic] Intchg 4.6.5 cannot find Digest::MD5...

Goss, Clayton cgoss at foxfireprinting.com
Mon Jan 23 17:13:04 EST 2006

I have just inherited an Interchange system v4.6.5.  It is running on RH
7.2 and Apache 1.3.20.  I am getting the following in

- - - [23/January/2006:16:12:06 -0500] - - hysterusdeal config error:
Required  module not present. Aborting catalog.
> In line 6 of the configuration file 'catalog.cfg':
> Require module Digest::MD5    "Need %s %s for better cache keys."

...and, of course, the "interchange start" command skips this catalog.

I have downloaded the perl 5.6.0 digest MD5 and MD5 rpms and installed,
but no help.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.


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