[ic] ups_cache table IC 5.4 [solved?]

Steve Graham icdev at mrlock.com
Tue Jan 24 17:16:27 EST 2006

>If there is a better solutions I would appreciate any insight.

How about this one: (Talking to self?)

Suggested change to QueryUPS.pm

sub calculate {
         my ($mode, $weight, $row, $opt, $tagopt, $extra) = @_;

+ my $tmp_weight;

+ $tmp_weight = int($weight);
+ if ($tmp_weight < $weight) {
+ $weight = $tmp_weight + 1;
+ }

         $opt->{service}         ||= $opt->{table};

Any thoughts on why this shouldn't be incorporated into the routine 
that uses the freight cache tables, namely QueryUPS.pm???

Is there a reason to cache actual cart weights instead of rounding 
them up to the next lb?
As mentioned before, the demo on icdevgroup.org product file has all 
item weights already rounded to the exact pound. I find this would 
not normally be the case in most businesses. (At least ones that 
concentrate on selling multiple items)


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