[ic] PSiGate payment gateway module

Kevin Walsh kevin at cursor.biz
Tue Jan 24 17:56:25 EST 2006

Davor Ocelic <docelic at mail.inet.hr> wrote:
> If any of you is using PSiGate or having PSiGate documentation around,
> please advise us on the correct naming of PSiGate response fields named
>   PSi_Response_AppCode
>   PSi_Response_Code
> Specifically, are those fields named "...Code" or "...Cod"?
> I see a small inconsistency in Interchange's PSiGate module that
> would be nice to fix. (So please dont use lib/Vend/Payment/PSiGate.pm
> to produce an answer as exactly that file is the problem ;-)
As far as I can tell, the module is not up to date with their current
API.  I don't know anyone who's using PSiGate, and I haven't seen any
broken module reports.

There are some documents describing their HTTP and XML APIs here:


The HTTP POST API seems to be the one used by the Vend::Payment::PsiGate
module.  The POST appears correct, at a quick glance, but the result
field names are completely different.  It doesn't look as if it'd take
a lot of work for you to change the names (and the POST URI) and bring
the module up to date.

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