[ic] ups_cache table IC 5.4 [solved?]

Randy Just randyjust at justcomp.com
Wed Jan 25 00:35:30 EST 2006

Don't know if this helps, but we round-up the shipping weight in 
shipping.asc like
the following:

crit    [calc interpolate=1]$tmp1=([item-list][item_field 
weight]*[item_quantity]+[/item-list]0);return int(($tmp1)+.99);[/calc]

At 02:16 PM 1/24/2006, you wrote:

>>If there is a better solutions I would appreciate any insight.
>How about this one: (Talking to self?)
>Suggested change to QueryUPS.pm
>sub calculate {
>         my ($mode, $weight, $row, $opt, $tagopt, $extra) = @_;
>+ my $tmp_weight;
>+ $tmp_weight = int($weight);
>+ if ($tmp_weight < $weight) {
>+ $weight = $tmp_weight + 1;
>+ }
>         $opt->{service}         ||= $opt->{table};
>Any thoughts on why this shouldn't be incorporated into the routine 
>that uses the freight cache tables, namely QueryUPS.pm???
>Is there a reason to cache actual cart weights instead of rounding 
>them up to the next lb?
>As mentioned before, the demo on icdevgroup.org product file has all 
>item weights already rounded to the exact pound. I find this would 
>not normally be the case in most businesses. (At least ones that 
>concentrate on selling multiple items)
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