[ic] IC 4.8.9->5.2 upgrade snafus

Steve Graham icdev at mrlock.com
Wed Jan 25 14:14:09 EST 2006

>1)  Order numbers appeared to have reset themselves somewhere in the 
>move.  The customer reported that a few test orders showed up with 
>order numbers that had long since been used, and which effectively 
>mangled those existing orders.  I don't know what the reset went to 
>originally, but the live store is showing order numbers in the 
>33000-34000 range, and the only place I can find where that number 
>might get stored is in etc/order.number in the filesystem catalog data.

Look in the /etc subdirectory - you can set this here (Dont forget to 
apply changes)
username.counter  (You will need to reset this also)

>2)  When an item is deleted from the admin section, an options table 
>error comes up.  The customer says they're not using that table for 
>anything and that it shouldn't be referenced in the first place.
>3)  The customer had set the store subsections menu 
>(category_vertical) on the left-hand side of their page to be 
>cached, and regenerated once per day.  Somewhere along the line, the 
>settings the customer has used to cause this seem to be getting 
>ignored or misinterpreted.
>Any suggestions on fixing these?

I'm not too sure about the above errors, but I noticed many new 
database fields in the new catalog files. Some of these fields were 
also type cast different. I went through each file, and added these 
new fields to my existing database (mysql) structures - and now have 
a working catalog.

Hope this helps somewhat...

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