[ic] mod_interchange and Apache MaxClients

JT Justman jt-lists at sirius.airdelights.com
Wed Jan 25 17:13:40 EST 2006

Interchange wrote:
> Good evening,
> we are suffering the same problem for 4 months now. We run ic (5.0.1 not
> mod_interchange) on a Debian Server. Since we wrote a perl script to
> kill(-9) all hanging processes, running as a cron-job(1 minute), we pushed
> the problem aside, but our traffic started to grow in the last 2 months and
> as a consequence of that our server gets stuck more often. So I decided to
> visit the list.
> We are able to reproduce the problem just by requesting ic pages very fast
> (mouseclicking 10-15 times different catgories) and not waiting for any
> response. Afterwards top shows hanging proesses (the more we click, the more
> hung processes we get). This works even when theres not much traffic. Doing
> the same on our backoffice (same server, but not ic) doesn't show this
> behavior. Can anybody reproduce the problem the same way?
> - mathias

Sounds like a different issue. This issue has been narrowed down to
malformed POST requests. Probably calls for a new thread.


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