[ic] Integrating Interchange with ERP/CRM system

Marty Tennison marty at sediva.com
Sun Jan 29 18:19:40 EST 2006

Hi Gang,

Over the last few months I have been evaluating ERP/CRM offerings from 
various sources with the intent of integrating one of them with 
Interchange.  I've looked at both open source and closed source as well 
as ASP services.

So far, I've looked at...

Compiere (www.compiere.org)
TinyERP (www.tinyerp.com)
Ofbiz (www.ofgiz.org)
Order Motion (www.ordermotion.com)
NetSuite (www.netsuite.com)

So far my favorite is TinyERP, in my opinion it is very well designed, 
although it is somewhat less feature rich than other offerings, but 
development is moving fast. All of them can be interfaced with 
Interchange to some degree or another, but getting a smooth and seamless 
integration is a challenge (to say the least).

I've got the integration of Interchange and TinyERP 90% done.  I 
installed both systems in the same database, under separate schema's, 
and then created views so that Interchange could read the TinyERP tables 
in a format that makes sense to Interchange.  This way, most of the IC 
tags still work without modification.  I then added an order route that 
calls the TinyERP object via XML-RPC (all of Tiny objects can be called 
via XML-RPC) to load the order data. I did a lot of other little things, 
but that's the meat of the matter.

Before I jump in and actually implement the changes, I wanted to hear if 
anyone else has done something similar and if so, what route did you 
take?  And overall, what are people doing for their Accounting, 
Inventory, Ticketing, etc needs?
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Marty Tennison
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