[ic] Integrating Interchange with ERP/CRM system

Paul Jordan paul at gishnetwork.com
Mon Jan 30 15:53:00 EST 2006

interchange-users-bounces at icdevgroup.org wrote:
> Hi Gang,
> Over the last few months I have been evaluating ERP/CRM
> offerings from various sources with the intent of integrating
> one of them with Interchange.  I've looked at both open
> source and closed source as well as ASP services.
> So far, I've looked at...
> Compiere (www.compiere.org)
> TinyERP (www.tinyerp.com)
> Ofbiz (www.ofgiz.org)
> Order Motion (www.ordermotion.com)
> NetSuite (www.netsuite.com)
> Before I jump in and actually implement the changes, I wanted
> to hear if anyone else has done something similar and if so,
> what route did you take?  And overall, what are people doing
> for their Accounting, Inventory, Ticketing, etc needs?

We build all functions in interchange, from customer service applications to
print advertising campaign management, always based specifically on what
that particular client needs. You'll achieve higher integration with less
long term headache (managing the directions disparate applications go). We
leave transactions to an accounting program, though, because of their higher
integration with bank accounts.

In my view, using Interchange for only "the store" is like using a Star
Destroyer to kill a fly. Most applications seem impossible to reproduce,
until you minus what is actually needed in real life.

My advice is to do as much as possible in Interchange, then resort to adding
something on. With people like Mike, Kevin and Racke, it is very easy to
build the things you need. Mike is even versed in AJAX if you need it.

 Paul Jordan

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