[ic] Breadcrumbs?

Bob Puff at NLE bob at nleaudio.com
Tue Jul 4 01:26:34 EDT 2006

After further digging, it seems as if the breadcrumbs.tag is not being loaded.
I tried adding an include to the bottom of the catalog.cfg, but get the following on a restart:

Low traffic settings.
Calling UI......UI is loaded...
Interchange V5.4.1
Running with new signals, external programs could be unreliable.
Re-run with environment variable PERL_SIGNALS set to "unsafe" to change this.
Configuring catalog bobtest...Using MySQL, DSN=dbi:mysql:nleaudio_teststore...Us
erTag 'breadcrumbs' subroutine failed safe check: 'require' trapped by operation
 mask at (eval 332) line 4, <CONFIG> line 189.


Not sure what is the next step.


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