[ic] Location specific injected global code - or DEV setting?

Paul Jordan paul at gishnetwork.com
Tue Jul 4 15:36:21 EDT 2006

Hello list,

IC 5.4

I was wondering how feasible it would be to have VENDROOT code be included
in specific locations in all sub catalogs. First, for example, I'd be
interested in including *any* catalog.cfg style directives/text in
interchange.cfg. Possibly like:

CatalogCfgPrepend * <<EOS

# DEV account login
UserDB    projects_access  user_field   username
UserDB    projects_access  database     projects_access
UserDB    projects_access  time_field   none
UserDB    projects_access  crypt        0


Notice the * as in a possible:

CatalogCfgPrepend catalogfoo catalogbar <<EOS


Also, in some global VEDROOT way, could it be possible to include code
html/itl prepended into specific template variables?

Possibly like

TemplatePrepend LEFTONLY_TOP <<EOS

	[if !scratch active][bounce getaccess][/if]


This is all because I'd like to not touch *any* catalog level files, but
inject routines, in this case for development and testing purposes. For
example, I have a IC server (instance) that is soley dev catalogs of live
catalogs, that are used for clients to train or try new features. Of course,
there is many reasons to let this catalog NOT be accessible by just anyone,
just people with who login, get/have access, set a scratch, [logout], then
use catalog freely, verified by aforementioned scratch. They are logged out,
so they can fully utilize subsequent logins.

I know a [scratch] is not the best way - but it should be good enough, and
the code should be failry solid anyways.

Many people don't have a local dev server, and still yet, find themselves
unable to have moderate security for test/training catalogs (by training I
mean the clients employees).

I'd like it to not be catalog level because the dev or live catalog can get
overwritten at will.



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