[ic] UPS shipping based on country-zone instead of zip-zone

Eric Bont eric_bont at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 6 06:26:11 EDT 2006

I have a Dutch ecommerce site that likes to use worldwide UPS shipping. I 
use Internal UPS lookup.

I changed the 450.csv and, for example, the 3DaySelect.csv with my new UPS
zones and rates.

My problem:
Most of the zones from UPS Netherlands (EU) are based on the countryname and 
not on the
ZIP. How can I use for shippingcost the destination countryname instead of 
the destionation
zip. In the UI [administration[[commerce][shipping] I filled in 'country' 
for "Field that chooses UPS destination (default zip)" but that doesn't 

Any idea's ?

Thanks a lot

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