[ic] Nested elsif bug still in 5.2

Sandy Thomson sandy at scotwebshops.com
Mon Jul 10 12:19:22 EDT 2006

Grant wrote:
> What version of IC are you running and have you tested that code?  It
> doesn't work for me in 5.2.  It behaves the same way.
> Also, that:
> term="[scratch test]"
> syntax is new to me.  Is it preferred to:
> type="scratch" term="test"

This works in both 5.2 and 5.4, i have each version on a different
server. I am not sure what is preferred, I'm just saying what works here!

>> Also note, if you are comparing numbers you might want to use an op
>> of "==".
> I thought I read that using a numeric op is a little slower because it
> has to call some type of extra stuff.  Is that true?

If you are doing a set comparison (i.e is a variable eq/ne to 0), then
you can just do

[if scratch variable]
[if !scratch variable]

Its pretty minor but is apparently slightly faster.

> Lastly, I checked out your domain and I really like the design but
> it's pretty mixed up in Firefox 1.5 on Linux.

Crap, where? I use Firefox 1.5 on Linux too and don't see any problems!?
Our main IC domains are scotwebstore.com and kiltstore.net,
scotwebshops.com doesn't run IC.



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