[ic] Nested elsif bug still in 5.2

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Mon Jul 10 14:17:22 EDT 2006

> > What version of IC are you running and have you tested that code?  It
> > doesn't work for me in 5.2.  It behaves the same way.
> >
> > Also, that:
> >
> > term="[scratch test]"
> >
> > syntax is new to me.  Is it preferred to:
> >
> > type="scratch" term="test"
> This works in both 5.2 and 5.4, i have each version on a different
> server. I am not sure what is preferred, I'm just saying what works here!

Yes that syntax works for me too, but the code you posted to test the
elsif bug returns MOO2 for me on 5.2 when it should return MOO3.  Does
it return MOO3 for you on 5.2?

> >> Also note, if you are comparing numbers you might want to use an op
> >> of "==".
> >
> > I thought I read that using a numeric op is a little slower because it
> > has to call some type of extra stuff.  Is that true?
> If you are doing a set comparison (i.e is a variable eq/ne to 0), then
> you can just do
> [if scratch variable]
> or
> [if !scratch variable]
> Its pretty minor but is apparently slightly faster.

Yes that's definitely faster, but I'm wondering about the difference
between == and eq.  I thought eq was slightly faster.

> > Lastly, I checked out your domain and I really like the design but
> > it's pretty mixed up in Firefox 1.5 on Linux.
> Crap, where? I use Firefox 1.5 on Linux too and don't see any problems!?
> Our main IC domains are scotwebstore.com and kiltstore.net,
> scotwebshops.com doesn't run IC.

kiltstore.net looks perfect, the main content of scotwebstore.com is
shifted to the right all the way off the page, and there are lots of
major shifting and overlapping problems with scotwebshops.com.  I'm
using Firefox on Linux and my fonts are set to a minimum size
of 16 in the browser.

- Grant

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