[ic] BUG: mv_no_session and [set-cookie]

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Mon Jul 10 14:36:20 EDT 2006

There seems to be a problem with session information ([set] scratch
variables don't persist) when mv_no_session is set and the
[set-cookie] tag is used with a bad expire date.  Bad expire dates
seem to include dates in the past and incorrect dates such as when the
wrong day of the week is specified.  The session problem is fixed by
either unsetting mv_no_session, correcting or removing the
[set-cookie] expire date, or submitting any form (mine all POST).

Obviously the best thing to do is fix your expire date, but I think
this should be fixed because hard-coded dates do eventually expire and
the resultant session behavior doesn't make any sense.

Does anyone have a solution for generating dynamic expire dates (with
correct day of the week) so [set-cookie] can always set cookies that
expire one year from the current date?

- Grant

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