[ic] BUG: mv_no_session and [set-cookie]

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Mon Jul 10 15:50:53 EDT 2006

> > There seems to be a problem with session information ([set] scratch
> > variables don't persist) when mv_no_session is set and the [set-cookie]
> > tag is used with a bad expire date.  Bad expire dates seem to include
> > dates in the past and incorrect dates such as when the wrong day of the
> > week is specified.  The session problem is fixed by either unsetting
> > mv_no_session, correcting or removing the [set-cookie] expire date, or
> > submitting any form (mine all POST).
> >
> > Obviously the best thing to do is fix your expire date, but I think this
> > should be fixed because hard-coded dates do eventually expire and the
> > resultant session behavior doesn't make any sense.
> Grant,
> Isn't the problem simply that the browser is doing what it's supposed to
> do: ignoring the expired cookie, so you lose your session? Unless I'm
> misunderstanding the situation, it sure sounds like the bug was simply
> incorrect use of [set-cookie]. Maybe having [set-cookie] throw error
> messages into the error log would be helpful to point out problems like
> this, though.
> Jon

The cookie I was setting incorrectly was one I use to track some
specific stuff on my site.  It's not a session cookie and that's
handled in the IC core isn't it?

- Grant

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