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Shooting Star Report

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Company: Hollywood Intermediate
Symbol: HYWI
Last Trade: $0.59
7 Day Target: $1.3
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Red Hot News - Must READ! - 
Hollywood Intermediate Announces Hiring of Industry Veteran Allan Levine
Monday June 26, 9:37 am ET 

GLENDALE, CA--(MARKET WIRE)--Jun 28, 2006 -- Hollywood Intermediate, Inc. (Other OTC:HYWI.PK - News),
a provider of digital intermediate film mastering services, announced today that Allan Levine has joined its Matchframe Digital
Intermediate (MDI) team as Director of Sales and Marketing. This position was created in anticipation of further expansion of
MDI's efficient, cost-effective production environment for both the independent and studio films. Levine's responsibilities will
include expanding the current client base as MDI's capacity has increased.
Mr. Levine has been involved in post-production for thirty years, beginning as Dailies Manager at film laboratories where he
supervised film dailies and then transitioned to supervising video dailies as liaison for cinematographers and directors. Helping
directors of photography achieve their creative vision both photochemically and digitally has been "the most fun I have had in a
dark room since the 70s," Levine quips. "With MDI, I welcome the chance to work with a bright and talented group in an efficient
boutique atmosphere, it is simply refreshing, and I know filmmakers will find that alluring."

About Hollywood Intermediate - 
Hollywood Intermediate, affords Motion Pictures the ability to scan their selected original camera negative at 2K or 4K film resolution,
conforming a high resolution digital master for theatrical and broadcast release including dirt removal, opticals and visual effects, and
includes the output of a High Definition preview master (to be used for preview screenings and focus groups and can be deployed in any
worldwide theater location) as well as final film, broadcast and DVD distribution.

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