[ic] Ups interface for Ups Online Tools

Thomas J.M. Burton tom at globalfocusdm.com
Mon Jul 17 19:05:15 EDT 2006

> I have placed a tarball of my implementation of the Ups Online Tools at
> http://ic2.paymentonline.com/ups/ups.tar.gz.  It is basically a replacement
> for Business::UPS.  It also includes a modified ups-query tag and
> shipping.asc.  I have done some testing on it, but it was thrown together
> fairly quickly.
> Read the README file to see a quick installation guide.  You will also need
> one of the perl SSL modules installed and XML::Simple.  If you use one of
> the payment gateway modules that uses ssl, you should be ok for ssl.
> XML::Simple I think you will have to grab from cpan.  There might be more
> dependancies also, I can't remember since I am using freebsd and installed
> using a port.
> One thing it does do is move some functionality out of the perl module and
> into Interchange itself.  So you can now configure your pickup type, set the
> packaging type in shipping.asc if you wish, etc..
> And don't use this if you aren't familiar with Interchange.  If it breaks
> something, it's on your head.  It works for me, but your setup might be
> different.
> Chris

Hi everyone,

I found this post searching the archives for info on integrating the UPS
OnLine Tools. The link no longer works and I'm wondering if this tarball
is still available anywhere. A client of mine is switching to UPS
exclusively for their shipping, and I need to change from using the
internal lookup method for their shipping rates to either Interchange's
online lookup or the UPS Online Tools lookup.

The UPS Online Tools would seem to be my best bet as my client is using 
Negotiated Rates rather than the standard rates. If I can get their site 
to lookup shipping rates directly from UPS with their account info, that 
seems like the smoothest way to have accurate info displayed for their 

If anyone has implemented Chris's solution or knows where it's located 
now, please let me know. Chris, if you're still subscribed, please write 
me and let me know the status of this implementation.

Thank you,

Server Info:
   Interchange 5.0
   Mandrake Linux/6.3.92mdk


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