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Thomas J.M. Burton tom at globalfocusdm.com
Tue Jul 18 13:06:58 EDT 2006

Daniel Davenport wrote:
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>>> I have placed a tarball of my implementation of the Ups Online 
>>> Tools at http://ic2.paymentonline.com/ups/ups.tar.gz. It is 
>>> basically a replacement for Business::UPS. It also includes a 
>>> modified ups-query tag and shipping.asc. I have done some testing
>>> on it, but it was thrown together fairly quickly.
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>> I found this post searching the archives for info on integrating
>> the UPS OnLine Tools. The link no longer works and I'm wondering if
>> this tarball is still available anywhere.
> I clicked the link posted in the message, and downloaded the tarball
> just fine.  Perhaps the server isn't always up, or was having problems
> when you tried it.

Well so it does work. I guess the few times I'd tried it, I just caught 
the server at a bad time. Thanks, Daniel. :)

>> A client of mine is switching to UPS exclusively for their
>> shipping, and I need to change from using the internal lookup
>> method for their shipping rates to either Interchange's online
>> lookup or the UPS Online Tools lookup.
>> The UPS Online Tools would seem to be my best bet as my client is
>> using Negotiated Rates rather than the standard rates. If I can get
>> their site to lookup shipping rates directly from UPS with their
>> account info, that seems like the smoothest way to have accurate
>> info displayed for their customers.
> I'm in the process of doing this for a customer, and have found
> something you will need to know...UPS returns the published rates by
> default, even for customers with special rates.  The service, however,
> has the ability to look up the special rates.  If you want it to do so,
> you'll probably need to talk to UPS and have them flip that switch on
> their side.  According to the rep i'm dealing with, it can take 6-10
> business days to set that up.

Thanks for the tip. I would assume you'd also need to be passing the 
various authorization keys and/or a password to UPS's system in addition 
to the "switch" being "flipped", correct? Are you doing this through 
Interchange's existing online lookups, or are you custom-coding using 
the UPS Online Tools? Would you be able to share any of what you have 
set up?

Thanks again for the response and helpful info.


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