[ic] Ups interface for Ups Online Tools

Jon prtyof5 at attglobal.net
Tue Jul 18 19:17:44 EDT 2006

> * Thomas J.M. Burton <tom at globalfocusdm.com> [2006-07-17 16:12]:
> > >I have placed a tarball of my implementation of the Ups Online Tools at
> > >http://ic2.paymentonline.com/ups/ups.tar.gz.  It is basically a replacement
> > >for Business::UPS.  It also includes a modified ups-query tag and
> > >shipping.asc.  I have done some testing on it, but it was thrown together
> > >fairly quickly.
> > >
> > >Read the README file to see a quick installation guide.  You will also need
> > >one of the perl SSL modules installed and XML::Simple.  If you use one of
> > >the payment gateway modules that uses ssl, you should be ok for ssl.
> > >XML::Simple I think you will have to grab from cpan.  There might be more
> > >dependancies also, I can't remember since I am using freebsd and installed
> > >using a port.
> > >
> > >One thing it does do is move some functionality out of the perl module and
> > >into Interchange itself.  So you can now configure your pickup type, set
> > >the
> > >packaging type in shipping.asc if you wish, etc..
> > >
> > >And don't use this if you aren't familiar with Interchange.  If it breaks
> > >something, it's on your head.  It works for me, but your setup might be
> > >different.
> > >
> > >Chris
> >
> > Hi everyone,
> >
> > I found this post searching the archives for info on integrating the UPS
> > OnLine Tools. The link no longer works and I'm wondering if this tarball
> > is still available anywhere. A client of mine is switching to UPS
> > exclusively for their shipping, and I need to change from using the
> > internal lookup method for their shipping rates to either Interchange's
> > online lookup or the UPS Online Tools lookup.
> I would recommend you take a look at my Business::Shipping module, which
> features an online (UPS Online Tools) and offline mode of operation.  The
> offline mode is much faster, obviously, but you have run the "update fuel
> surcharge" script once per month from cron, and I release new data modules
> for it every year coinciding with UPS.

   Since this UPS thread has started up I'll take the liberty to ask how people do
their UPS shipping ?  I've investigated this a few times and always seem to come
a dead end which has got to be just me.  What I've tried to understand is how
are using UPS to create their shipping labels that include postage.  I can't
imagine all
the small sites (like mine) are not able to create metered labels from their
data with out purchasing expensive equipment.  I've looked at Business::Shipping
covers rates and address labels if my memory is correct but not a label you can
and drop off at UPS.


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