[ic] Bug with display of matrix options in email reports and bug in UI Test code page

Peter peter at pajamian.dhs.org
Tue Jul 18 21:20:59 EDT 2006

First off, the Test code page in the demo is filtering entites, which 
causes reaults to look all garbled.  I was able to fix this in the demo 
by uploading a modified test_code.html page with the filter tag removed 
so it displays properly.  Checking the CVS logs this appears to have 
been caused by a CVS commit two years ago and reversing this patch 
should fix it:

Verified in Demo, take the following steps:

Find an item in the demo with options, I used item os28004.  Go in the 
admin and edit the options for the item so that it uses Matrix options 
with seperate widgets.  Also edit each of the options and make sure that 
a default is assigned (a * should be added to the end of one of the 
labels, this is not required for the bug, but it helps to see the full 
effect when using the [options] tag to display it).

Click the Administration tab and the Test code sub-tab.  Enter the 
following into the textarea box:

[options code=os28004 type=display report=1]

(note that report=1 is used in email reports to supress html output from 
the tag)

Make sure Source is selected from the drop down and click on the Run 
button.  You'll get a result back like this:

<input type="hidden" name="mv_sku" value="os28004">None, White

You get similar inclusion of html in emailed reports, it's just easier 
to see here.

Note that if you change the option type to simple for the item and run 
the code again you get the correct result (with no html in the output):

bristle: None, color: White

If you change the option type back to Matrix Options and change the 
display type to One widget you get no results at all.

Still looking into this further and will hopefully come up with a patch 
soon, any input is appreciated.


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