[ic] Order Profile 'cod' 'credit card' not found

Daniel Davenport DDavenport at newagedigital.com
Thu Jul 20 02:20:05 EDT 2006


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> Bill,
> I have not found anything for ".structure" in the root 
> directory or in the catalog.cfg file that refers to the 
> creation of the structure document.  Is there a way to create 
> this or any other documentation that can help with a soluction?
> Thanks
> Matt Dell

Try adding "DumpStructure yes" to interchange.cfg.  It may already be in
there, and just commented out.

That will create .structure files for every catalog on the server when
IC (re)starts, which may slow startup a tiny bit -- i haven't checked.
The help it can provide, though, far outweighs the "inconvenience" of
having to wait another second or two.

Daniel Davenport
New Age Digital

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