[ic] [More-list] - Missing Results??

William Fiore wfiore at aftermarketcellular.com
Wed Jul 26 11:41:39 EDT 2006


This has been bothering me all week. The code below works fine on my
normal results.html page.

Matches [matches] of [match-count] found<br>
	my $number = ([match-count] / 12);
	my $rounded = sprintf("%.0f", $number);
	$Tag->tmp(rounded => $rounded);
[loop list="1..[scratch rounded]" ranges=1]
	href="[scratch this_page]/[calcn] 12 * ([loop-code] - 1) [/calcn]"
	form="[if cgi a]a=[cgi a][/if]"

However, I recently created another results page called brand_results.html
and copied the same code but if you look at an example output page
http://www.aftermarketcellular.com/ic/brand/JABRA.html the output is:

Matches 1-12 of 39 found
1 2 3

I am missing (3) of the results. Any ideas on what is preventing the
remaining results to not be displayed?

Thank you


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