[ic] Authorize.Net "Unknown charge type:"

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Sat Jul 29 12:56:50 EDT 2006

> > There is actually a long list of variables in the [payment] module.  So, any
> > values that aren't passed to the charge tag explicitly are pulled from
> > the session's [value]s if possible?
> >
> No.  None of the [charge] parameters will be pulled from the $Values
> space, as that would be far too insecure.  Default parameter values can
> be stored in a Route or in Variables.  Variables must be prefixed with
> "MV_PAYMENT_".  The Route name must match the name given in the [charge]
> tag's "route" parameter.

Well, the following values must be pulled:


I'm not passing them to the charge tag explicitly, but if I don't
submit them on the page I get the appropriate error responses.

Also, how can I get the values of the $result variables on my IC page?
 For example:


I've tried all kinds of stuff with no luck.

- Grant

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