[ic] $Tag->data in a UserTag

Brent Kelly brent at zeald.com
Sun Jul 30 20:31:07 EDT 2006


my $new_var = $::Tag->data( { table => 'mytable', field => 'myfield',
key => $key } );

Note the double colon in $::Tag->...

Hope that helps

Brent Kelly,

On 12:05:53 pm 07/31/06 Grant  wrote:I'm having trouble getting the
data tag to work inside a usertag when
I specify one of the tag's fields with a $variable.  I've tried both
of these:

my $new_variable = $Tag->data({table => 'table_name', field =>
'field_name', key => $variable});

my $new_variable = tag_data('table_name', 'field_name', $variable);

and I've fiddled with ',",q{}, and qq{} quite a bit too.  Does anyone
know how to make this work?

- Grant
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