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Sun Jul 30 21:11:20 EDT 2006

Ever thought of putting the result of joint work into your own trading career? Now you can do that, making use of great stocking tips worked out by experts! 
Now listen. This stock could help you make huge amounts of money in weeks!

Get QEG Y First Thing on Monday, It is gowing to expload!


This price is the minimum for last week and will boom on MONDAY
Worst Scenario Target Price: $2.55
Most Probable Scenario Target Price: $2.90
Best Scenario Target Price: $3.55


"Strong Buy" QEG Y starting from 10:00 a.m. 31 July 2006 till 
11:30 a.m. 13 July 2006. Watch Q EGY price fast rising. Hold your Q EGY 
shares until the stock reaches it’s highest peak depending on your long-term 
or short-term interests/preferences. Do not panic in case of some fluctuations, 
subscribed members will receive exact Buy/Sell signals/alerts.

About the company:
Quantum Energy is a publicly traded growth orientated oil and gas 
exploration company. The objective is to seek out and define 
opportunities that represent a low risk opportunity to develop positive cash 
flow. As well, the company aims to define larger projects that can be 
developed with Joint Venture partners or be entered into by a Joint Venture.

Red Hot News:
Quantum Energy, Inc. Announces Update on Barnett Shale Horizontal Well
Quantum Energy issues update on the Barnett Shale Horizontal well - the 
Inglish # 1H. Drilling commenced on June 30, 2006 and was completed on 
July 26, 2006. This well is located in the Barnett Shale play of Fort 
Worth Basin, Texas and is operated by Rife Operating, Inc. Drilling 
reached a total depth of 9,886'. The well has been cased and cemented. 
Well completion including perforation and frac is expected on August 12, 

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Companies That Explode Onto Investor's Radar Screens; Many of You Are 
Already Familiar with This. Is Q EGY Poised and Positioned to Do that 
For You? Then You May Feel the Time Has Come to Act... And Please Watch 
this One Trade on the 31 of JULY! Go QE GY.
Harvest the cream from this stock, seasoned traders recommend it.

I sincerely hope you get your slice of the trading pie. And I wish it’s really thick and sweet!

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