[ic] flex select freeze interchange

Alessandro Poletto alessandro at polet.to
Wed Jun 7 11:14:41 EDT 2006

By some days I've a really strange problem with a table.

This table count more than 70000 record (but i've in other ic-
installations bigger tables, also 1million of records), when I open 
the table with flex_select interchange loop and freeze!

The mysql log say me that the query is:
select * from generale
(generale is obviously the criminal table)
the mysql status say me that query is NOT in process, so I think that 
is not a problem of mysql.

The "top" utility show that the cpu is 100% and memory usage growth, 
growth, and growth to use all the physical memory and the swap.

After 300 secs interchange kill the process

I've ported the table to another installation and the flex_select 
works without problem.

I've updated interchange to 5.4.1 and all the perl modules to the 
latest one.
Archive::Tar found (v1.29).	MIME::Base64 found (v3.07).
Archive::Zip found (v1.16).	Safe::Hole found (v0.10).
Bundle::LWP found (v1.11).	Set::Crontab found (v1.00).
Business::UPS found (v1.13).	Spreadsheet::ParseExcel found (v0.2603).
Compress::Zlib found (v1.41).	Spreadsheet::WriteExcel found (v2.17).
Crypt::SSLeay found (v0.51).	Storable found (v2.15).
DBI found (v1.50).	Tie::ShadowHash found (v2.00).
Digest::MD5 found (v2.36).	Tie::Watch found (v1.2).
Image::Size found (v2.992).	URI::URL found (v5.03).
LWP::Simple found (v1.41).

thinking in an error in the .mysql file i've inserted the 
DatabaseAuto directive (that works very well).

I've reduced the column number from 30 to 2 columns, the key and a 
value (varchar 255) and still not working.

The only things that is not similar from the server that I use for 
this installation and the one that I've used in the only working test 
is the perl and mysql release... 

Someone have an idea of something that i'm making wrong?

Many thanks.

Toth di
Alessandro Poletto
E-mail: alessandro at polet.to

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