[ic] Chained pricing

Georg Brugger georg.brugger at edienste.de
Wed Jun 7 17:05:39 EDT 2006

I use IC 5.2 foundation shop as a base for my shop.

Now I have a problem with my my pricing. In the products database I have
price and wholesale row, in the userdb I have a dealer and a price_level row
as found in the foundation shop.
In the pricing table I have sku, pricegroup, w501, w1001, where sku
correspondes to the sku in the products database

Marking a user with dealer = 1 and price_level = dealer and
entered in catalog.cfg:

Profile dealer <<EOR
 CommonAdjust => <<EOF,

 NonTaxableField => 'nontaxable',

... but I always get the price from the wholesale row.

Can someone give me a hint what could be wrong or where I could look next.

I looked into the docu, but I couldn't find anything wrong

Thank you in advance for help


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